Friday, February 28, 2020

Meet Addie's Good(s)!

Happy Friday, Friends!!! There are several new faces to our Facebook and Instagram pages, so we thought we would re-introduce you to our shop! Read on to learn the story of Addie's Good(s)!


My husband, Billy, and I felt the Lord leading us to adopt back in 2010.  We had a two year-old biological daughter, and knew after much prayer and wrestling with the Lord that His will was that our next child would come to our family through adoption.  We began the long, arduous process of adopting from Ethiopia, and after almost two years, in August of 2012, we were matched to a precious baby girl named Mihret.   We celebrated and rejoiced wholeheartedly that the Lord had blessed us with this teeny tiny beautiful baby girl to call daughter and sister.

We chose the name Adelaide Mihret for her and called her “Addie.”  Her big sister selected the most garish pink paint possible for Addie’s new room, we picked out the bedding, hung a big “A” and a painting of Ethiopia on the wall, and began to fill the closet with sweet itty bitty clothes. 

One of the first pictures we received of our Addie

After another seemingly ridiculous wait, we got the call that our court date had been scheduled, and we needed to book our flight to Ethiopia.  At the time, the Ethiopian adoption process included two trips, with the first to gain legal custody of your child before an Ethiopian judge.  After the first trip, you came home (sans child) and waited for the US Embassy in Ethiopia to do their own investigation of your child’s orphan status and such, and then you returned to Ethiopia in order to have a short interview at the Embassy and bring your kiddo home.  

In October of 2012, we flew to Addis Ababa to meet our girl and legally become her parents.. The child we had dreamt of, prayed for, and wept over for two years was finally in our arms, and we were over the moon.  While we were in Ethiopia, we unexpectedly had the opportunity to meet Addie’s birth mom- and I say unexpectedly because when we had accepted her referral, all we knew of our child was that she had been abandoned.  To try to make a super long story a little shorter- her birth mom had been found, and before we could adopt Addie, her birth mom had to relinquish her rights and consent to us adopting her- and we would be given the privilege of spending some time with her.

Meeting Addie for the first time

I look back at the evening we met this young woman, and I can picture it like it was yesterday.  It was an encounter that forever changed me. 

Billy and I sat in a van nervous and wide-eyed as a distraught, frightened girl climbed in behind us with our friend, Woudneh.  He translated for us and explained that Addie’s mother had been caught abandoning her child and was arrested by police.  She had been given prison time, but was released with some sort of work orders because she was a single mother to a three year old girl as well.  I looked at her and wondered how on earth this petite, young girl already had a three year old and an infant.  She was 17 years old, but her face was aged by a life I can only imagine was filled with trauma and struggle.  We learned of how the father of her children was a “bad man” whom she did not want found.  He was not supporting her (financially or otherwise) in any way, and had insisted on and paid for her to have an abortion, which miraculously, Addie survived. The doctor told her birth mom that “the baby’s bones were just too strong.”  We learned that she went from house to house looking for work and odd jobs. When asked by Woudneh if she was capable of raising Addie, she replied, “And have her live on the streets, starving like me?”  She was deeply grieved, and wept with her whole body while declaring herself a bad mother.  I held her and wept with her as I tried feebly to assure her that nothing was farther from the truth- all the while wondering how on earth we had come to this point.  WHAT was happening?  This was so NOT what I had signed up for.  I knew that an orphan’s life always begins with trauma and loss, but before knowing her birth mother, I had been able to put it out of my mind- imagine a very different scenario.   This mother was a child, herself… alone, afraid, and with no hope and no where to turn. She actually had no idea what adoption even was- she had left Addie at an orphanage in hopes that her child would be fed and protected.  So now she had to agree to relinquish her rights legally and allow us to adopt her precious child.

The following day, we went to court with this sweet girl and Addie’s biological sister.  She went before the judge and gave up her rights. We were told that the judge ruled the father did not have to be found to give up his rights because it is illegal for a man to impregnate a girl under the age of 18, and because he had not been supporting the mother in any way.   She told the judge she wanted us to parent her child.

We left rejoicing that Addie would be ours and broken because she would not be hers.  I promised her to take care of her baby and love her with all that I was- knowing that that provided little comfort for a mother whose heart was shattering.  I felt helpless- both without help and unable to help.  I wanted to tell her that I would pack her up and take her home and love her, too- but obviously that was not the answer either.  I was lost but still trusting in an all-powerful, kind, loving Father.

We returned home to Kentucky and waited for the US Embassy to give us the green light to bring our girl home.  She was legally ours- we just had to wait for this last step.  Family graciously gave us a shower to help us stock up for all those baby needs and we continued to get ready for her arrival.  Christmas was coming, and we were hoping and praying she would be home in time to celebrate with us.  So, her stocking was hung.  Her presents were wrapped and placed under the tree.  Our hearts leapt when we received copies of her birth certificate and passport listing her as a Baker- naming us as her legal mother and father...

I really struggle to even know how to begin to tell the rest of this story.  I still question.  I still hurt. But God.  He is still good.  He is still writing our story.

Addie’s birth father showed up.  
Demanded “his” daughter. 
Went before the judge in Ethiopia.  
We had to write a letter explaining why we should keep custody of our child, and Woudneh read it before the judge. To our utter dismay, on December 31, 2012- one week before we would have had embassy clearance, she gave custody of our daughter to this man who claimed to be her father.  

And that was it. Done.  She was no longer a Baker.  And we had to explain to our four year old that her sister would never be coming home.

This was a grief like we had never known.  Knowing that our child would be with a man who her birth mother had called “bad.” Knowing he never wanted her before. Knowing he cared so little for her sister and birth mother that he allowed them to suffer in extreme poverty. I still can’t wrap my head around it- and don’t know that my heart will ever wrap around it.  I can, however, plant my feet firmly in the knowledge and absolute trust I have that my God is good and that He loves Addie far more than I ever could.  We have no idea where Addie is today (we’ve been told she’s likely with her mother), but He knows where she is every minute of every day for all of time.  

Grief and suffering and pain are a part of life and a guarantee for every believer- but along with that comes the promise that he will use all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)  We were experiencing a pain that penetrated our very cores, but we had confidence in an unshakable God.  We prayed for years that the Lord would use our pain and bring beauty from our ashes.  He has graciously blessed us with three more babies in addition to our oldest daughter- another Ethiopian princess and two biological sons.  He also gave us a dream for a way to help women like Addie’s mama.

And so here we are. Meet Addie’s Good(s)- where our slogan is Goods from the Globe, Good for the Globe.  We partner with organizations, ministries, and businesses around the world that seek to offer economic empowerment, tangible aid, and abundant life to men and women in desperate need.  Many of these organizations are training and employing artisans who have escaped human trafficking or who are overcoming the depths of poverty.  These organizations are groups that offer education, health care, counseling, community, and hope to people who are deeply desiring to provide for their families with dignity.  They are offering the love of Jesus to those in dark, hopeless places.  They are giving meals to the hungry.  They are building orphanages for street children.  They are sponsoring children so they can eat and go to school.  Mamas should never have to choose which one of their children gets to eat each day. They should never have to tell their babies that they can’t go to school because there is no money for a uniform. They should never never never have to make the choice to sell their bodies so that their children have a chance to survive.  They should never have to sell their daughters as child brides. Yet there are millions of mamas and daddies who have to make these impossible choices every day.

Our choice is simple.  Will we sit and watch or do something to make a change?  Anna Lappe wrote, “Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”  When you shop at Addie’s you are helping to make a world where first families can stay together- where there is hope for every child and every mother, regardless of their geographic location.  Our prayer is that the Lord would use Addie’s Good(s) to keep more babies with their mamas.  No child should be orphaned by poverty.

This little project called Addie's Good(s) is a labor of love for our family.  It is a picture of Lord's redeeming power- of his gracious kindness to make beauty from ashes.  We are not a registered non-profit, but every dime you spend in the shop is reinvested in our mission. When you buy a shirt from Nepal you are not just empowering the seamstress there. And when you buy a candle from Chicago, you are not just giving dignified work to the young mama who made it- you are a part of a circle of good- you are helping us to stock the store with goods from all over the world. We are all about empowering and giving back in the name of Jesus, and we are so thankful for each of you who partner with us to make this possible. Check our hours on Facebook & Instagram each week, and make plans now to stop by, grab some goods, and do some good!

Have a blessed weekend!

Monday, February 3, 2020

Friends, Food, Shopping, Socializing- All for GOOD!

Hey Friends!
We are super excited to tell you about some NEW happenings at Addie's Goods! 

We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering private in-store parties called Good Gatherings!  These are going to be SO. MUCH. FUN.  Check out the info below and don't wait another minute to book yours!


Good Gatherings are private parties for you and your guests at Addie’s Goods. These are the perfect opportunity for you to partner with us in our mission to fight human trafficking, poverty, and the orphan crisis- all while having a fun, no-work-for-you get-together with people you love!  AND there are great perks to being the host…

What you (the hostess) do:
1.   Send us an email with your interest. ( We will send you back a few possible dates/times.
2.   Come up with a guest list- Gather with your small group, your office, your workout pals, your family, your neighbors- or mix them all up and have your circles collide!
3.   Come shop, snack, and enjoy a girls’ night that you don’t have to clean for or cook for!  AND be satisfied in knowing that you are doing GOOD.

What Addie’s Does:
1.   We create a Facebook event page through which you can invite guests or an Evite that you can send to your guests via text/email.
2.   We provide a small selection of delicious snacks and beverages.
3.   We open up our fun, pretty shop just for you and your guests!
4.   Optional: We dedicate part of the evening (30 minutes or so) to sharing the history and purpose of Addie’s Goods and telling the stories of some of our artisans/partners.  We will do this in a comfy setting with couches in the space next door to Addie’s.
5.   We will offer special promos & sales only available to your party, and will roll out new inventory for your event whenever possible.

Hostess Perks:
Earn 5% of the evening’s sales in a gift card to Addie’s!
Choose one of the following organizations for us to donate 5% of the evening’s sales to: 
Scarlet Hope, Eyes that See, Hope Collaborative, 5 Loaves, Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center, High Point Charitable Services, Compassion International, Crossings Camps, or Elevate Dance Ministry 


Okay, that is all... for now.  We are certain you will want to stay tuned for more excitement to come, though!  We had a great 2019 and can not wait to see how the Lord is going to work through Addie's Goods this year.  We are so thankful for you who partner with us in this mission, and we pray you have a blessed year ahead!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Share Hope with Addie's: Christmas Gift Guide

Hello, Sweet Friends!

The busiest week of the year for Addie's has arrived! We are so excited about all of the support your purchases will offer women, families, and communities around the world this Christmas.  Our shop is stocked with hundreds of beautiful, unique goods that each do good, and you will want to grab something for each person on your list. But where do you start?! We've come up with a short list of suggestions for a few of the folks you might shop for this week- There are plenty more options in the store, but these are a great starting point for those of you who may need a little help!

Gifts for Kiddos:

Pictured: Travel checkers game from Haiti, recycled trash soccer ball from Kenya, Crocheted horse from the Philippines, Wooden lacing lion from India, "This Little Light" bath balm with water activated glow toy inside from USA, "fear not" MudLove band from the USA (also provides week of clean water in Central African Republic).

Gifts for Teens:

Pictured: Leather backpack, hand carved frame (square shape perfect for those Instagram pics), silver-plated brass stud "Infinite Grace" earrings, and recycled sari pouch from India; velvet scrunchie, beaded pineapple keychain, phone gem (pop socket), and "Choose Joy" t-shirt from Haiti.

Gifts for Your Mama/Wife:

Pictured: Hand-woven casserole basket, stone necklace, leather handle/bottom canvas tote, and recycled oil drum "Hope" nativity sign from Haiti; gold-plated earrings from Mexico; throw blanket and cotton robe from India.

Gifts for Your Dad/Husband:

Pictured: Hand-made dyed burlap journal, ceramic mug, canvas and leather apron, and "Cafe Noir" chocolate (with real coffee beans inside!) from Haiti; Cedar & Leather scented candle from USA (also benefitting a village in Ethiopia.)

Gifts for Your Teacher/Coach/Bus Driver/Mail Man, Etc.:

Pictured: Mug, peppermint chocolate, oil drum bookmark, paper bead snowflake ornament, and bracelets (one is specifically an oil-diffuser!) from Haiti; "Thank You" bath balm and lavender scented candle from USA (candle also benefits a village in Ethiopia); "You are loved forever" block sign and recycled sari wristlet/crossbody purse from India; spearmint soap wrapped in African fabric from Zambia; adorable crocheted lights garland from the Philippines.

Gifts for Newlyweds:

Pictured: "Mr & Mrs" recycled oil drum sign and star ornament from Haiti; hand-carved condiment tray from Kenya; mango wood frame, heart ornament, angel ornament, and throw blanket from India.

Gifts for Grandma:

Pictured: "Take life one cup at a time" tea towel, "Great love" notecards, and picture frame from India; Cutting/serving board from Kenya; recycled oil drum pendant necklace with ceramic, seed, and paper beads from Haiti; photo album/guestbook/journal from Madagascar.

Christmas Decor Gifts for a Friend:

Pictured: Crocheted reindeer, light garland, and penguins from the Philippines; candy cane paper bead ornament, reindeer greeting card, "Peace" oil drum nativity, star tree topper, angels, and deer from Haiti; "Jingle All the Way" pillow, snow globe tea towel, and global children ornament from India; bath "balms" from USA.

Gifts for our Single Mamas Gift Bag Collection:
(Help us gather items from our shop to give to single moms this Christmas!)

Pictured: Journals, wood block "You are loved forever" signs, picture frames, "All things are possible" keychain, and "Great Love" notecards from India; scented soaps wrapped in African fabric from Zambia; scented candles from the USA (also benefitting a village in Ethiopia), bath "balms" with prizes inside from the USA, books about our partners in Haiti and Kenya (and about parenting!); chocolate from Haiti.

Be sure and stop by this week and choose Christmas gifts that share hope and do good.  Our promotions and specials start Tuesday, November 26 and go through close of business on Saturday, November 30. See specials and hours below! 

We can't wait to see you this week and help you share hope this Christmas! Don't hesitate to shoot us an email at if you have any questions! 

Happy Thanksgiving!
~Jodi and Team at Addie's 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Babies on Their Backs

If you know any of our family’s story, you know that we seven years ago, we adopted a precious Ethiopian baby girl we named Addie.  Although legally she was ours, and in our hearts she was (and still is) ours, we were unable to bring her home due to a ruling in the Ethiopian courts.  It was a heart-wrenching path, to love a child and lose her, but as He always does, the Lord has brought beauty from ashes.  And he lovingly continues daily to redeem that which caused us so much pain and grief. 

On our second trip to Ethiopia, we were there to meet another sweet girl the Lord was kind enough to bless us with.  We were out and about in the bustling city of Addis Ababa, in a van filled with a couple of Ethiopians and about eight Americans.  We stopped for a moment- no not at a light (I’m pretty sure there may only be one in the entire city… google traffic in Addis Ababa sometime. I’m not entirely sure how we survived). As the trucks and cars and buses and pedestrians zoomed in and out and around one another, a small woman with a bundle on her back timidly approached our van window.  She came face to face with me.  I looked into her eyes and then noticed the bundle on her back more fully- it was a child. Immediately a million knives pierced my chest as I imagined for a moment Addie’s 17 year-old birth mom, with our sweet girl strapped to her back, approaching a van to beg for help.  I was a big ole mess- wrecked to my core.  This sin-filled world is so broken.  I ached for mamas like Addie’s- like this one I was nose-to-nose with.  The desperation in her eyes tattooed itself on my mind and heart, and He continued His work of breaking me.

The Lord was, in his love and grace, tearing me up, and then rebuilding me, transforming me, opening my eyes.  I have only seen but a glimpse of his heart for the least of these, and I can’t un-see it.  I really don’t want to.  One of my best friends, Jenny, once asked me, “What would the world look like if everyone had an Addie?”  I had to ask myself if the world looks any different because have an Addie- a child in deep need that I loved as my own? I pray constantly that, at least for a few, the world does in fact look differently because of my love for the Lord and this child I miss so intensely.  

Last week I was doing some buying for Addie’s Good(s) and came across some new notecards (pictured above) with artwork created by a teen mama named Elizabeth at the Rehema Transition House in Kenya ( a project of Mercy House Global).  I can say very certainly that no piece of art has ever gripped me so fully.  It was like I was reliving that moment in the van- that young desperate mother was looking directly into my eyes once again.  But this time it was different, because this beautiful painting represented new hope and lives changed.  The story of Addie’s mom doesn’t have to be the story of other young mamas.  There is something we can do to change it.  We can BUY the change.  Every purchase you make at Addie’s Goods helps to write a different story for a person in dire need- a story of dignity, love, and hope.

Tomorrow, our shelves will have these gorgeous note cards and one more super fun new product….


These cute, fillable, felt eggs were crafted by the mothers at Street Hope in Kenya (another project of Mercy House Global).  Because they say it much better than I could, here is the description on their website of this great new product…

“Street Hope, the artisan group that created each and every felt Easter egg, is comprised of women from the street, who begged during the day, prostituted at night with babies strapped to their backs to survive -- all 16 were homeless before they began sewing sweet felt for us two years ago.
We have thousands and thousands of these felt eggs, hand sewn by the women of Street Hope and we are hoping hundreds of shoppers like you and dozens of churches will make this Easter one that empowers impoverished women in Jesus name. What better way to celebrate His Resurrection?”
 Y’all.  We have about 400 of these eggs at Addie's.  We have never before carried even close to that number of one product, but we feel that strongly about the lives these eggs are changing. If 25 of you buy 16 eggs each, all 400 will have a home this Easter.  We need you to get on board and fill your kiddos’ baskets with HOPE this year. Make plans now to stop by this week! 

Live life like you have an Addie. These are mamas and babies that are treasures to our Savior- let’s make sure they know that! May they strap on those precious babes on their backs and walk tall, knowing they are made in the image of God Himself.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

"Men Anpil"

This past Saturday, we hosted our very first Addie's Junior World Changers (AJWC) event.  It was a super fun morning of exploring the beautiful country of Haiti!  The purpose of AJWC is to widen the world view of children and engage them in learning how their personal influence can impact the world for Christ.  Part of that experience during this first session was working together to make a collaborative art piece that we are auctioning off to raise funds for one of our partners, 2nd Story Goods.  This organization is a part of Much Ministries, and they provide life-giving jobs to men and women in Haiti.  Many of you know their products and LOVE them, and now is our chance to go beyond our purchases and ensure that more men and women are offered hope there in Haiti.  They are  currently building an emergency fund in order to protect their workers when tragedy strikes.  Haitians lack insurance and social services, so a medical emergency, natural disaster, or death of a family member can create a downward spiral that is nearly impossible to overcome.  2nd Story Goods is working to change that story and keep tragic events that occur from crippling their artisans.  Let's help them build that emergency fund and teach a group of awesome kids that the Lord can and will use their time, energy, creativity, and giftedness to make a difference in the world!

The artwork is called "Men Anpil" and includes the Haitian proverb- "Men anpil chay palou," which means, "Many hands make the load lighter."  We believe this strongly at Addie's Goods.  There is so much poverty and hopelessness in the world, but we know that TOGETHER, we can make a change. When you shop at Addie's Goods, you are a part of the story of life-change for so very many men and women.  Every purchase adds up and makes a difference, and we are so thankful to be partnering with organizations around the world- and partnering with YOU!

To bid on the art work these kids created, comment with the dollar amount under the picture on Facebook.  Please make sure you are commenting on the original post! Bids must be made in dollar increments.  Shipping is available and will be calculated upon winning the auction.  Winner will be notified via email, and an invoice will be sent.  Invoice must be paid within 48 hours or the item will go to the next highest bidder.

"Men Anpil" will be on display at the shop this week! Stop by and see it and our great gifts for Valentines Day!

Thanks so much, friends!

Valentines Gifts that Give Hope!

Valentines Day is quickly approaching, and when your gift is purchased at Addie's, another mama, auntie, or granny is given dignity and hope.  We have a fantastic selection of gifts and jewelry that any woman or girl would be thrilled to receive.  And if your guy needs a little help and likes to receive hints, message us his email, and we'll send him a coupon for 20% off his entire purchase between now and Valentines Day!  Here's a short gift guide that includes gifts for everyone on your list!

"Love" sign made from recycled oil drums in Haiti- only $10 through the 14th.
Chocolate lip scrub handmade by trafficking survivors in USA- comes in super cute packaging with chocolate hearts! Only $15 through the 14th!
Valentine cards handmade in Haiti- only $3.25 through the 14th.
"All you need is love" print and paper bead bracelet from Kenya.
Haitian rum caramels (that taste AMAZING!) 
Red knit shirt made by trafficking survivors in Nepal, 30% off through the 14th.
Gold earrings made by trafficking survivors in India.
Tea towel made by women in India overcoming poverty.
Amazonite stone bracelet with heart charm handmade in Haiti.
Frame hand carved in India.
Lavender milk bath handmade in the USA by trafficking survivors.
Gifts for him or her!
Journal handmade in Haiti.
Candles hand poured in USA by trafficking survivors, with extra proceeds supporting a village in Ethiopia.
Haitian Rum Caramels- YUM!!! 
Flowers that never die! Daisies handmade in Haiti.
Refresh Grapefruit bath bombs and sugar scrub made by trafficking survivors in USA.
Journal handmade in India.
Necklace handmade in Kenya.
Earrings handmade from recycled bullet casings in Ethiopia.
Horn earrings handmade in Haiti.
Hand carved/painted sign from India.
Vintage embroidery pouch from Guatemala.
Felt heart with stackable bead bracelets inside from Kenya.

There is so much more in store, and we are more than willing to help you find the perfect gift! Stop by this week!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Kids Can Change the World!

When I started homeschooling my oldest daughter nearly six years ago, I had NO idea what I was doing. I hit up my more experienced friends, and one suggested a curriculum that laid everything out for me since I was so clueless.  While this probably should have been enough to sell me on it, what really grabbed my attention was her telling me that the curriculum’s history/geography/Bible sections began with an overview of the world.  She told me it was really helpful in getting a young child out of the bubble that she contentedly dwells in and begins to show her the great big beautiful world our God created.  I dove in without hesitation, and never looked back.  It was amazing to teach my girl about different cultures and to learn about them myself.  

Fast forward to today, and I am no longer homeschooling, but I find myself the one the Lord has charged with running a small boutique whose mission is to offer dignified work, empowerment, tangible aid, and abundant life to men and women all over the world. When we began Addie’s, one of our dreams was that we wouldn’t just be a place for people to buy ethically-made goods, but that the Lord would include this shop in his work of changing hearts to reflect his- that through the work of Addie’s Goods, we would see more hearts break for that which breaks his- that we would burst some more little bubbles. 

We included a kids’ corner in our new shop with books, coloring, puzzles, and other activities always available so that kiddos would feel welcome and just maybe have their interest in the world and its cultures and beauty peaked.  We believe kids can change the world NOW- not just in the future, and they can better do so if they are better educated about the world. We have come to a point where we are ready to take it a step farther, and so we introduce you to….

Addie's Junior World Changers will be a new program designed to widen your child’s worldview and engage them in using their influence to change the world for Christ.  We have many ideas of what this could be, but for now, here’s where we’re starting…

Each month, we will offer a time for your child to come to Addie’s to learn about a specific country. The first time he attends, your child will receive a “passport” that he will bring with him each subsequent time. At each Addie’s Junior World Changers (AJWC) event, his passport will be stamped showing where he has explored!  

The explorations will use your kiddo’s five senses to immerse him in the country he’s learning about. Our first country “visited” will be Haiti, and our time together will include a craft to take home, a Haitian story, a small taste of Haiti, a very short, engaging video about a child in Haiti, an introduction to Creole (the language of Haiti) and more!  

Each AJWC event will also include an art project, either individual or collaborative, that will be auctioned off in the shop the week following the event.  The proceeds will go to one of our partners in that particular country or another ministry serving there.   Our first project will be auctioned off to benefit our partner, 2ndStory Goods.  We are super excited for our kids to use their God-given skills and creativity to help men and women in Haiti!  

To begin, we will offer two sessions on Saturday, February 2- each with spots for 10 children.  If we see that more people are interested, we will add sessions as needed.  Each child will be $10.  You must stay with your child, and we ask that there be one adult for every two or three children you bring.  This program is aimed at ages 5-12, but please do not hesitate to register younger or older siblings that wish to participate.  Each session will be approximately one hour long.

You can sign up for our first session at this link-

Sign Up Genius AJWC Haiti

Once you have signed up, we will email you an invoice to pay through our Square Register. You will have 48 hours to pay the invoice before we open your spots to someone else.  

We are so excited to see what the Lord does with this new little project, and we cannot wait to see your kiddos in the shop!!! Let’s raise up a generation of kids who love to explore and serve- a generation that sees the immense value in the our diverse and amazing world!